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        企業 簡介







        Enterprise introduction


        Ningbo Beilun Tiancheng Seiko CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is a technological innovation enterprise with high efficiency, humanized numerical control machinery, which integrates R & D, manufacturing and sales.


        The company mainly produces a full range of fiber laser cutting machines and related auxiliary equipment. According to customer demand, we can create special machine for fiber laser cutting machine. The products are all over the country and are sold to many countries.


        The company adheres to the scientific management concept, For more than ten years, Delve into humanization, low energy consumption and high cost performance, A unique advanced and sophisticated CNC machine in China. After years of unremitting efforts, Actively learn to absorb advanced foreign technology, Learn widely from others' strong points, Try new technology boldly, We are committed to becoming a technological innovation star enterprise in the industry!?

        • 新一代光纖激光切割機-戰斧F5
        • 新一代光纖激光切割機-戰斧F6
        • 激光切割機的好幫手-懸臂式真空吸盤吊
        • 天成精工高速數控等離子切割機 速度與精度的精彩演繹

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